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Consistency is Key

"...out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.” - John 7:38


If you only water a plant every once in a while, it won't matter how much water you give it, if you're not watering it consistently it will most likely die.

I've learned this from my withering plant due to my forgetfulness when it comes to watering it.

God spoke to me through this when I finally noticed it's dry, brown leaves and realized I forgot to give it any water for weeks.

I do the same thing with other areas of my life!

I'll water areas in my life every once in a while, usually when the situation is really bad (enough for me to notice) and expect an immediate full recovery. I'm left frustrated when that just doesn't happen.

The same principle can be applies in many different ways. Lets say my health for example. I've been taking vitamins for years... occasionally. Only recently have I been forming the habit of taking them every day.

When I first started juicing I was diligent to do it every day eager, in the beginning to make it part of my routine. Then as the days rolled by, chopping all the fruits and veggies, cleaning out the juicer and taking that chunk of time out of my morning made me falter and I began slacking off, viewing it as a chore once the excitement faded.

"What you sow so shall you reap..." - Galatians 6:7

How often do we do the same thing?!

We'll get inspired about a goal we want to accomplish, eager to reap the benefits but we forget that first we have to sow.

We can't overcompensate by flooding those areas of our lives with enthusiasm and attention vigorously one day and then abandon it once the initial interest goes away.

Often I find myself waiting for a big break, a big opportunity that will propel my dreams forward but God showed me through my sad dying plant that the real strength we have is in consistency.

It's the little things that we do every day, the habits and patterns we allow to develop that shapes the big moments and achievements in our lives.


So how do we change? How do we develop those seemingly small yet essential habits that are a daily requirement?

By doing it over and over and over again. Just like almost every single day I read a few chapters of scripture before I start my day. It was difficult at first to do at first. I did not feel like it all the time but I ignored that and eventually it became part of my daily routine.

I now have to learn to do the same thing with my poor little plant to try and revive it back to life.

As well as the goals I've put my focus on, making sure to give them time and attention every day so they can flourish into something fruitful.

What are your goals?

Do you have them written down?

If not go do it now!

Having a clear vision for your life is so important.

What is it you're passionate about? What do you love doing? What do you think you were put here to accomplish?

Find out and make a list on the things you have to do every day to see those dreams become a reality.

We live in an instant age. Every thing happens so fast that character traits like diligence, patience, and persistence, can be hard to find.

But if we want to see the things we want to happen in our lives we have to be consistent in watering them. If we try to do it all at once we will overwhelm and 'drown' ourselves but if we can be diligent in watering those things we want to see grow and come to life in us daily then we will reap what we have sown and those dreams in you will flourish.


Photo by: Liat Nesher (Mwah)


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