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The Importance of Art

I'm so inspired to create this blog post about the Importance of Art. There's so much I want to cover I don't even know where to begin but you've got to start somewhere right? So lets dive in!


You are most likely a left or a right brained person.

Left brained people are highly:

- organized

- structured

- mathematical

- & logical.

They usually excel in the sciences and blossom to become highly intelligent engineers, mechanics, professors, doctors and more.


Right brained people on the other hand (like me) are passionate, emotional, highly creative, gifted people with an appreciation and sensitivity to art, colors, sounds and the beauty all around them. They are the artists of this word, the writers, the painters, dancers, musicians and more.


While we both have components of our left and right brain's characteristics we usually tend to learn into either one or the other. By now you've probably identified if you are a left or right brained person and I've got good news for you! This article is going to be helpful to both of you!

If you're a right brained person you're going to know exactly what I'm talking about and hopefully this is going to encourage you. If you're a left brained person then you're going to understand your right brained friends way better and expand upon your artistic, creative side :)

Seeing this article titled "The Importance of Art" hopefully stuck a nerve in you as it did me.

If you've grown up as a lover of art then you've most likely heard "well, that's fine but you're going to need to get a real job, no one makes money off of art." or "there's so much competition out there you don't have a chance."

You've probably heard this from multiple people, even those who are close to you and do care about you despite their misguided attempt at encouragement. I am blessed with a wonderfully supportive mother and a father who has warmed up to the idea of their daughter pursuing art as a lifestyle and career but I realize that many don't have that and are left unsupported and alone.


School's are a great example of this. My most favorite things in the world are music, art, dance and creative writing. Growing up in school I dreaded going to my art and music classes since they were dull, controlled, and didn't allow for an once of creativity or inspired talent.

We were told where to put a line when to hold a note and weren't given an inch of freedom to express ourselves.

A dance program didn't exist so I was forced to run laps and get pummeled by dodge balls at 8 am every week. I would have happily danced for hours but running for 20 minutes straight seemed like hell on earth. ( a little dramatic I know lol but all you non-runners can relate ;)


Whenever we were allowed to hand in a creative writing class for English I would turn in twice the length requested because I couldn't bring myself to stop writing, I loved it so much.

Unfortunately most classes we were taught only the technical aspects of literature without any encouragement to our storytelling abilities.

Although I carried around a stack of books a mile high and consume stories like many other fellow bookworms sometimes I could hardly stand the droll hours of endless grammar lessons.

Where was the passion for story-telling?! Which I consider one of the most important skills you can possess. Seemingly lost in the lesson plans of the forced curriculum to prepare students for quizzes and tests despite the fact that they typically only proved memory proficiency not imaginative creativity or the ability to tell a captivating story.


This is not a rant against school ( although that may come later on so stay tuned) I see here in Canada that there are many more programs and options for kids which I fully support and applaud.

I appreciate every teacher who is pouring so much service and encouragement into young artists and entrepreneurs.

Times are definitely changing and people are beginning to see the Importance of art. What may have been difficult to monetize now there is an abundance of opportunity to make a living off of.


While I still get negative voices giving me their input on my passion for art there is an overwhelming amount of support with people saying "you should follow what you love, in fact if you aren't doing what you love what's the point in doing it at all?" Now I'm not saying that just because you don't love the dishes or even the part time job you're at right now you just just quit everything, but I do believe that God put passions in our heart for a purpose.


"The act of Creation isn’t described as the interplay of atoms and fundamental laws of physics, it’s described in terms of art, architecture, creativity.." -



God is many things. I find it really interesting that God first chose to reveal himself as a Creator.

Right now there's a lot of buzz around people who can only describe what they do as being a "creator."

Youtubers, bloggers, even Instagramers have been very successful by creating content they love and are passionate about.

"So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them."


The very first recorded artist in the bible is named Bezalel. He wasn't talked about a whole lot but he played a very important role in being chosen by God to use his talents to creative amazing artistic designs for the tabernacle and ark of the covenant.

He wasn't just a doodler, he was a master craftsmen, which pretty much means he was a pro at what he did. The thing that is really mind blowing though is actually in the meaning behind his name.

Bezalel is a Hebrew name that means "in the shadow of God." The same root word for shadow is also used for "image."

In biblical times names carried a huge significance to what that person's destiny would be as well as a representation of his self identity and character. God said we were "created in his image." Being artists, being designers, being creators are a direct characteristic that's a result of being made in the image of God since he is all those things.


When you look around at our Universe and see it as a reflection of our Creator we know is an amazingly creative, imaginative, artistic God with a definite sense of humor. We have obtained those same characteristics as artists and creators. God could have created the world black and white, shapeless, plain and unappealing but he didn't. He created it with life, vibrancy and incredible creativity.

"God saw all that he had made, and it was very good."

God described his amazing creation of the Universe "good." When we are described in the bible it says we are "wonderfully and fearfully made." That is how much he values us as his sons and daughters.

If you're considering the fact that you are starting to view yourself as an artist I want to dig into that word a bit.


Artist in Hebrew is (Oman.) The Hebrew word for faith is (Emoona) - they both come from the same root word!

I was recently at Mission's fest and while I can definitely see how some people are called to be missionaries I believe that God has equipped us as individuals with our own passions and purpose.

The absolute best way to glorify God is to be the person he has created us to be. I know that's a little vague but bear with me. If you are an artist and you feel God has chosen you to bring forth beautiful designs, ideas, and art to life just like he did with Bezalel don't hold back and fight that but embrace the calling on your life because that is the way you are going to be an example of faith to the world.

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